Thanks to the mild climate, gorgeous winter resorts and lower prices, Georgia is a popular winter getaway. There are too many things to do in Georgia in winter that will make your vacation unforgettable. Here we tried to list the best options if you decide to make this country your winter holiday destination.

6 Things To Do in Georgia in Winter:

Spend a day of skiing in Gudauri

Gudauri can boast of high quality of snow  – finest powder in Europe and amazing, picturesque views. If you love skiing (and freeriding and speed skiing, particularly), think no further, spending a day in Gudauri can turn out an amazing experience. It can easily become a day trip – located only 120 km away from the capital city, this ski resort is not difficult to reach. Its snowboard area which offers four types of runs can be enjoyed by snow-lovers of all skill levels but skiing from the slopes is something you are never going to forget. If you have got extra time, enjoy Russian sauna and a glass of mulled wine to stay warm.

Gudauri snow skiing
Skiers and snowboarders on the top of the mountain in Gudauri

Try Gozinaki

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Georgia in winter. Gozinaki is perhaps the most delicious and authentic Georgian dessert which is usually prepared for the New Year’s Eve. The honey is going to boost your immune system while walnuts will give you the extra energy to explore the surroundings. If you are lucky, you can even find Gozinaki ice cream in Luca Polare (ice cream shop). That’s a seasonal flavor that will make you fall in love with Gozinaki for good.

Gozinaki dessert

Enjoy Tbilisi’s nightlife like a local

Tbilisi is the city that is full of life in winter. You might want to check famous Bassiani (an underground club in Tbilisi which sometimes is compared to Berghain and other legendary clubs over the world) or hit friendly pubs on Akhvlediani street (former Perovskaya) if you are fond of blues and old rock n roll music. Or you can visit Art-Café Home – a very atmospheric cafe with mysterious, old interior that turns into a club on Friday and Saturday.

art-cafe home tbilisi club
Art-Cafe HOME
Source: Art-Cafe HOME Facebook page

Sulfur baths

Tbilisi sulfur baths are quite famous for their outstanding health benefits and history. Visiting them is one of the best things to do in Georgia no matter the season. In winter, the main reason you should definitely go to one of the baths is very simple – in Abanotubani (the old district where baths are built) the warm water naturally comes from the earth so if the weather has not been too nice, that would be the best place to soak in.

Sulfur baths Tbilisi
Sulfur baths

Try to find your favorite wine

You are in Georgia and can not decide what to do in the first place? Whatever is the season, try wine. Seriously, this country has been officially announced as a cradle of wine, so skipping a glass would be unforgivable. There would be so many options to choose from – traditional Kvevri wines, or semi-sweet bio red the locals love, European Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon… We have already discussed what is Kvevri wine and why you should taste it so you might want to try them at least once. If you decide to discover your favorite Georgian wine, consider visiting Reserve Wine Testing Shop – a very nice place in the center of Tbilisi with a wide range of products.

Georgian wine glass dinner
A glass of red Georgian wine for dinner

Enjoy snowy Batumi

Visit Batumi this time of the year and you will see the city of the locals, not the tourists. “What to do in Batumi in the dead of winter?”, you might ask. Batumi is a completely different destination in winter – its beach is empty (sometimes covered with snow), the streets are not crowded and it becomes easy to find a free table in one of those cozy cafés to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee which is usually made on the sand here. What else to enjoy besides marveling at snow-covered coastline in Batumi? Head to The Door (კარი) – an old café/gallery which hosts talented house and techno artists on weekends. While the space is quite small without industrial elements, thanks to its special atmosphere and great music, you will learn that Georgian club scene deserves to be among the best in the world.

batumi winter snow
Batumi in winter