Tbilisi is not just the capital of Georgia and the biggest city in the country, but also an incredible place to visit. Details about its rich history, both good and bad, can be seen all over the city. Marks of the Soviet Union can still be seen here and there, but there are also signs that Tbilisi changed a lot in the past years and will continue to change in the future as well. Slowly but surely, it transforms into a modern city, while still preserving details that are unique to Georgia and for the local culture, which makes it one of a kind. Here is a list of the best things to do in Tbilisi, so you will definitely remember the time you spent here.

Best things to do in Tbilisi to make your trip unforgettable

Taste Georgian wine

Georgian wine is incredible, if we take into consideration its flavor and body. Slowly, the entire world is starting to discover it, as it managed to win numerous gold and silver medals at wine contents, so make sure you taste some if you visit Georgia. There are many places in Tbilisi where you won’t be able just to buy wine, but also to taste wine, hear about its history, and even grab a snack, all these in the presence of a wine connoisseur.

Georgian wine glass
A glass of red Georgian wine for dinner

Visit sulfur baths in Abanotubani

In Georgian, Tbilisi means “warm”, the legend saying that the city appeared after the discovery of this sulfur springs. The springs release warmth around them in a natural way, so this part of the city does not have to be heated. You must visit these sulfur baths because they are such an important part in the history of the city, plus they are extremely interesting and beautiful to see.

abanotubani bath

Souvenir shopping on Dry Bridge

If you want to find souvenirs that are not usually available in ordinary souvenir shops, you need to visit the flea market on Dry Bridge. Not all these items are new, but they will definitely have a historic or cultural significance for Tbilisi and Georgia, being probably the most interesting souvenirs you’ll have the chance to find.

Tbilisi Dry Bridge Flea Market
Tbilisi Dry Bridge Flea Market

Try Lagidze water

Lagidze water is the national soft drink of Georgia, being prepared out of soda mixed with various natural flavors. It appeared due to the idea of a pharmacist from Kutaisi, who wanted to prepare a soft drink that did not contain artificial imported flavors, using a mix of herbs and fruits to create this now famous beverage. So it is definitely something that is worth trying.

lagidze water
Lagidze water
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Visit café Gabriadze

This café is an incredible place, filled with history because it was created inside a theater. Every single item in the café has a story to tell and the atmosphere is indeed unique. There are 3 rooms inside where you can serve a cup of hot coffee or you can enjoy it outside, on the café’s terrace, if the weather will allow it.

marionette theatre gabriadze cafe

Enjoy jazz at the Movement Theater

If you appreciate good jazz music, make sure to visit the Movement Theater on Tuesday and Thursday evening. It is worth knowing that, on Thursday, you will have the chance to hear the director of the Tbilisi conservatoire, playing the saxophone. While on Tuesday the evening is free for various musical improvisations.

Jazz at Movement Theatre
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Try Satsivi – an amazing dish made with walnut sauce

The good list of the things to do in Tbilisi will always say something about trying local food. Georgian cuisine is as surprising as the country itself, so while you’re here, make sure to try some traditional dishes. Satsivi is one of them, which consists in poultry, fish or vegetables served with a sauce made out of walnuts. The sauce can also be served cold, as a dip for bread, so you may find this dish served in a variety of ways.

Satsivi bazhe sauce

Visit Art-Café Home on Friday

Part of Tbilisi’s nightlife, Art-Café Home is worth visiting mainly because it is so different than any other cafés. Instead of looking like a public space, it resembles someone’s home more than anything, which makes you feel comfortable, cozy, and welcome. But, on the weekends, more precisely on Friday and Saturday, the peaceful café turns into a veritable club, where people dance and have fun.

art-cafe home
Photo by Nick Paniashvili

Do you like our list of the things to do in Tbilisi? Do you have better ideas how to make Tbilisi trip unforgettable? Please, share with us!