A Tourist’s Guide to Batumvelo – Bike Rental in Batumi

Get around Batumi faster using the city’s convenient Batumvelo bike rental system! Having easy access to a bike is a great way to cover a lot of ground. However, the Batvumvelo system can be a bit complicated at first, so this guide will break down how to get you up and rolling!

Special bike lanes are designated for safe and easy navigation. The Batumvelo program was launched in 2011, and there are over a dozen rental stations to take or leave a bike. Notable attractions along the route include the Dolphinarium, the Dancing Fountains, and Batumi Piazza.

How to Get a Batumvelo Card

Before you can rent a bicycle from one of the many stations, you will need to get a card from the Tourist Information Center on Batumi Boulevard. You will also need to bring your passport with you in order to register.

Address: 2. Ninoshvili Street

Hours: 9am – midnight (summer) / 9am – 7pm (winter)

Cost: 20 GEL ($6.51). 10GEL goes towards bike rental time. You can top up your card at the Tourist Information Center or at Express Pay Terminals (24 hr Bank of Georgia kiosks). You may even be able to get a discount with the Batumi Discount Card.

Note: It is not required that you wear a helmet in Georgia

How to Rent a Batumvelo Bicycle

Bike rentals cost 2 GEL/hour ($0.65). You’ll be charged in 15 minute increments, but you only pay for the time you have a bike checked out.

  • Follow the instructions on the kiosk screens at the rental stations
  • You’ll input the code from your card
  • A key will drop down
  • Find the bike corresponding to your number & color of your key
  • Your key will remain in the lock while you ride
Photo by GoBatumi.com

How to Return a Batumvelo Bicycle

You can return the bike to any Batumvelo rental station.

  • Place the front wheel into any empty slot until you get the “ok”
  • Turn and remove the key
  • Go to the terminal screen and input your code or scan your card
  • When the key cabinet opens, place your key inside

Where Are the Rental Stations?

You can check out a map of the Batumvelo rental stations here.