Batumi Nightlife – A Guide to Clubs, Casinos & More

Batumi Nightlife Georgia

Batumi is a social city and its nightlife is no exception. This is especially true in the summer months with Georgians flocking here from around the country. Visitors come to this coastal destination to have a good time, as you’ll see by the numerous beach-front clubs that pop up and the drink until dawn mentality.

Batumi also has a large casino scene that is especially popular with its Turkish neighbors. Glowing with neon lights and illuminated palm trees, this city has dubbed itself “Las Vegas on the Black Sea.”


ChaCha Time

This is a hip bar, especially among young locals. Chacha Time has a cozy atmosphere and serves all the typical greasy, fried bar food that your stomach will crave during a long night of drinking. Don’t miss out on their delicious burgers!

All the drinks on the menu are based on chacha (a Georgian style of brandy), and they have over 20 here. Some of the names get pretty unique. Chachacolada anyone?!

Cost: $$$$ Drinks are less than 15 GEL ($4.80)

Hours: 2pm – 2am


For an intimate night of beer, good music, and even better conversation, head to Vinyl. This hipster bar has a relatively quiet atmosphere and is a good spot to get away from the clubby Batumi nightlife. It attracts a nice mix of locals and out of towners. You’ll find young creatives, musicians, artists, and more. The staff is friendly and there is nice outdoor seating as well. You might want to eat beforehand because the menu is rather small.

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 11am – midnight

BQ Wine Bar

This is the best place to try authentic Georgian wine in Batumi. The owner of BQ Wine Bar is very knowledgeable and will serve you some outstanding quality wines, including ones he made himself. You can also order a dazzling array of Georgian cheeses or more substantial meals.

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 12pm – 1am (winter); 12pm – 3am (summer)

Sami Ludi

Georgia is the country of wine. But if you’re craving a beer, then you must stop by Sami Ludi. It’s a friendly pub with an intimate atmosphere. They specialize in craft beer with many on tap. Prices are very affordable

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 2pm – 2am

K2 Cafe & Bar

This definitely one of the quirkiest bars in Batumi. K2 is an open-air terrace located in the courtyard of an old neighborhood. There are vines growing around concrete facades, a swing, lots of potted plants – basically an Instagrammer’s dream! They provide friendly service, a large cocktail menu, and a great hangout place for people of all ages.

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 11am – 11pm

Sky Bars

360 Sky Bar

If you’re looking for a chic date night spot, don’t miss 360 Sky Bar at the top of the Sheraton Batumi Hotel. They have live music every weekend (Fri – Sun) from 8:30pm. Don’t miss Ladies Night every Friday starting at 7:30pm where ladies get a free drink with the order of an entree!

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 5pm – 1am

Nephele Sky Bar

With so many highrises in Batumi, there is no shortage of rooftop bars. Another great stop is Nephele Sky Bar, located on the 20th floor of the Hilton Hotel. The vibe here is elegant and classy. Features an amazing view of the Batumi skyline with DJs playing every Thursday – Saturday starting at 9pm.

The menu offers an eclectic mix of sushi and European fare with some classic Georgian khachapuri mixed in.

Cost: $$$$

Hours: 12pm – 1am

Batumi Nightlife Skyline
Neon lights of Batumi at sundown


Batumi doesn’t have a huge club scene year round. But during the summer months, they’ll pop up along the beach. Walk along Batumi Boulevard and follow the bass for the best nightclubs. You’re sure to find something enticing.

Iveria Beach Club

Iveria is an icon of sorts in the Batumi beach club scene. During the day, they have lounge chairs and an open-air restaurant and bar. But at night, the space transforms into a techno club by the sea.

Hours: 8am – late

Sector 26

This is another well-known seaside lounge during the day with deck chairs and even a pool. At night, it transitions into a club with DJs and live music. There’s an entrance fee of 30 GEL ($9.60).

Hours: 10am – 5am

Paradise Beach Club

This is a beachfront club on Batumi Boulevard with white-sheet canopies and plenty of outdoor seating. It almost feels like you’ve been invited to a raging wedding! Features live music, DJs, and dancing until the sun comes up.

Hours: 11am – 5am

The Gate

The Gate is located at the north end of Batumi Boulevard in an unassuming glass building. This is an indoor club but hosts the biggest techno DJ names in Batumi. If you’re looking for good music as opposed to just a beach atmosphere, definitely check out The Gate. They’re only open about once a week so check their Facebook page for events.

Hours: 11pm – 11am

Casinos & More

Eclipse Casino

Eclipse Casino is the best place to go for elegant and luxurious gaming. This is the largest casino in Georgia and offers the biggest jackpot in Batumi! They have 37 tables and over 150 slot machines that are spread over two floors.

At Eclipse Casino you will also find VIP rooms, poker rooms, sports betting, slot machine tournaments, and live music.

Hours: 24/7

The Dancing Fountain

This is a Bellagio-esque fountain with lasers and lit up water displays timed to classical or pop music. The fountain is located along Batumi Boulevard at the southern end (there are other fountains at the northern end of the boulevard too).

Every summer evening, as the sun fades beneath the horizon, the music starts and the water begins to dance. You can catch the show between 9pm – 2am. There are plenty of benches around to sit and watch the show. Although the music from the nearby clubs have a tendency to drown out the sound it’s still worth passing by.

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