Batumi, the summer capital of Georgia, welcomes all its visitors with a wonderful mix of old and new buildings, spectacular monuments, and long stretches of beaches. The city is a relatively undiscovered gem in the travel world but is a must-see destination for any visit to Georgia.

Batumi is the second-largest city in the country, a seaside destination that combines the excitement of leisure and gambling, with the charm of an old town, and the thrill of adventure.

History of batumi

Batumi is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. It is located in western Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea and at the foot of the Lower Caucasus Mountains.

It was a Greek colony and a Roman port before it became a small fortified town during the Kingdom of Georgia (11th-15th century). It was consequently ruled by the Ottomans and then the Russians, becoming the capital of Adjara region during the Soviet rule in 1921. Today, Batumi is an economic hub – a popular holiday destination as well as an important port for Georgia.

Best Time to Visit


Batumi is best enjoyed outdoors when the weather is warm. The peak of summer (July/August) can get a bit hot and humid though. This is also the height of tourist season for international and local visitors so the streets can be crowded and accommodations fill up.

Spring & Fall

The spring and fall are also very nice times to visit Batumi, as the crowds will be far less and the weather a bit more comfortable. Batumi has a population of over 100,000 so things don’t completely close down in the offseason.

Forbes has even designated Batumi to be one of the top 5 “Velvet Season” (early autumn) resort towns. Another plus of visiting Batumi in the Fall? You might catch Batumoba or Gandagana, 2 large festivals held annually.

As a side note, Batumi does experience quite a fair share of rain and thunderstorms throughout the year. But the city is still immensely charming with its glistening cobblestone and colorful umbrella-lined streets. Grab a coffee at a nearby cafe and wait for the storm to pass.

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