In Batumi, Georgia’s largest port city, the days can be very charming, especially in the morning. If you want to start your day with a cup of hot coffee, just like many others out there, then you should know that it is not so difficult to find excellent coffee to enjoy whenever you feel like it in Batumi. Here is a list with some of the best cafés in Batumi.

For coffee lovers: best cafés in Batumi

Privet Iz Batuma

If you like having your coffee is a calm and relaxed place, you need to visit Privet Iz Batuma. Besides exceptional coffee, you will also be surrounded by a beautiful décor, with a slightly vintage air, due to the wooden furniture and details and photos of Batumi in the old days. There is nothing too loud about this café, not even the music. Here, the need for privacy of the client is respected, so you can easily drink your coffee cup in peace and even grab something light to eat. Yes, there is a great menu you can enjoy here, with dishes from the Italian, French, and European cuisine.


This is another café that manages to show a bit of the old times nostalgia of Batumi. In fact, if we are talking about the best cafés in Batumi, we must mention Fanfan for sure. Located in a building that was made back in 1905, this place manages to charm its visitors with its elegance and light atmosphere. There are two rooms available in the café, plus a terrace that can be enjoyed during the warm season. Besides a cup of hot coffee, other beverages can be enjoyed here, just beer for instance. Also, it is worth knowing that the place is animal-friendly, so don’t be surprised if you see a cat wondering around.

fanfan batumi
Source: Fanfan Facebook page

La Brioche

If you want some privacy and a bit of quiet, you can serve your coffee inside the La Brioche café. But, if you like watching people passing by, your cup of coffee can be served on any of the chairs set in the Piazza Square, right outside La Brioche. So, it really depends on your mood, because anything can be possible with the help of this café. Would you like a coffee but you are also hungry? La Brioche has a great menu that includes various salads, pizza, and other European dishes.

Chocolatte Coffee-Room batumi
Chocolatte Coffee-Room
Source: Chocolatte Coffee-Room Facebook page


For some of us, a cup of coffee goes great with a good book. Literaturuli is a café that also sells books, although most of them are Georgian, very few titles being actually in English. But, even so, it is worth visiting this café. It will feel like visiting your grandma’s kitchen, with decors and furniture coming from the 60s, and with the possibility of enjoying freshly baked tarts, cakes, and strudels. Your cup of coffee will have a perfect sweet companion.

Chocolate Coffee-Room

If you want to find a cup of coffee very early in the morning, the Chocolate Coffee Room will be one of the very few that will be opened first thing in the morning. It is also a place where you can serve breakfast, the food here being delicious and highly affordable.

Café Gardens

When visiting this café, don’t let yourself be fooled by its exterior. Walk inside and discover an amazing place where you can have coffee, breakfast, lunch, or anything you consider suitable or necessary, and enjoy your time here. The relaxed atmosphere and the presence of couches are meant to help you relax and have your break anytime during the day in the best way possible.