Not trying local food while in the capital of Georgia would be a crime – Georgian cuisine offers some unforgettably delicious meals. That being said, there are too many other things to enjoy in Tbilisi, including sightseeings and trendy boutiques. So if you have to choose between a multi-course meal with a glass of wine and wandering in the old districts of the city, you might want to consider fast food. While it might not be the healthiest choice, fast food places do have some advantages – they offer you a quick and delicious bite. And of course, eating there will cost you less than a dinner at a fashionable restaurant. Fortunately, there are quite a few fast food places in Tbilisi where eating on a budget can become a pleasant experience.

Of course, there are some international fast food restaurant chains like McDonalds, KFC and Dunkin’ Donuts. There’s also Wendy’s restaurant which is quite famous for its burgers and fries. While these places sound familiar to the fast food lovers, Tbilisi can give you additional options as well. Here we are listing nice fast food places in Tbilisi that might interest anyone who travels on a budget:


entree food
Source: Entree Ge Facebook

Entrée is easily one of the coolest fast food spots in Tbilisi. We have already mentioned that it is one of the best places to have breakfast as well. Entrée is a great choice for lunch too as long as you enjoy French patisserie and delicious wraps as much as we do. Entrée’s bakers are trained by French experts and everything you have here from croissants to soups and salads is of a high quality.

7 Pekini Str.

78 Chavchavadze Ave.

47 Apkhazi Str.

Pita Fresh

pita fresh fast food
Source: Pita Fresh Facebook

Pita Fresh is one of the famous fast food places in Tbilisi. While their pizza is far from perfect, the pitas are truly delicious. Pita Fresh has only one restaurant on Vazha Pshavela avenue but they offer a good delivery service, so you don’t even need to waste your time to visit.

46 Vazha Pshavela Ave.

Greek Point

Gyros with Tzatziki greek
Gyros with Tzatziki

Tzatziki, Souvlaki, Pita Gyros and even Gyroburger – this is a heaven for those who enjoy Greek food. You can even have a vegan pita or Greek salad in case if you are on a diet. All this you can chase down with Greek Frappe. Yes, as a bonus, they serve really good coffee here. So, becoming a regular at Greek Point only takes a visit.

Under Galaktioni bridge


Source: Makshaurma Facebook

With a name that requires no translation, this shaurma spot is what you should visit to have a shaurma fix. We can’t call it affordable though – their shaurma is four times more expensive than a regular burger. As their team explains, there are two kinds of shaurma – Makshaurma and… anything else. You might not agree but at least you will have to take the first bite.

1 Saburtalo Str

29a Vazha Pshavela Ave