8 Best Gay-Friendly Bars & Clubs in Tbilisi 2021

Although discrimination against LGBTQ people is illegal, the community still faces a lot of obstacles in conservative, Orthodox Christian Georgia. Tbilisi, being a big city, has seen more tolerance in recent years with some amazing bars and clubs even celebrating openness and free expression. Here’s a guide to some of the best gay & LGBTQ friendly bars in Tbilisi! As a note, it’s always good to be vigilant and cautious at first.


This is the only official gay bar in Tbilisi, a small two-room venue tucked away in a side street. On the weekends, it’s bustling with people who believe in the owner’s vision and who are looking for a safe-haven where they can enjoy their evenings without worry.

Hours: 10:30pm – 4am; closed Mondays


Mozaika is a gay-friendly bar with an open-minded and artsy crowd. It’s a favorite among the locals, although many come here with their own group so meeting new people can be a bit difficult.

The walls are filled with cool looking mosaics inspired by the Soviet obsession. It’s a 2-floor building with one level for non-smokers and the balcony level for smokers. This is a popular spot for friends to meet up before going out to the clubs. Stay the whole night if you’re looking for a low-key evening. As a side note, the kitchen is strictly vegetarian.

Hours: 6pm – 2am Monday – Thursday, Sunday; 6pm – 3am Friday & Saturday

Prince Bar

Prince Bar is a well-known hang out in the local gay community. It’s famous for its techno music and black, goth interior. While it’s not an official gay bar like Success, it’s definitely made its mark in the queer community. Tryin one of their specialty cocktails is a must!

Hours: 7pm – 3am

Drama Bar

Drama Bar is a hip spot to pre-game before heading to the bigger clubs. They operate a very strict face control policy where you must look into a camera and are either told yes or no. It helps to behave naturally, be in a small group, and have a unique look. This unpredictable level of filtering puts a lot of people off. However, this policy is partially to protect their regular crowd, many of whom are part of the LGBTQ community.

If you do get in, you’ll find a lot of hipsters, a crowd that skews young, and a packed dance floor.

Hours: 9pm – 3am Thursday – Sunday


Ambavi is hidden behind an unmarked door, up a flight of stairs in what appears to be a residential building. It’s located in one of Tbilisi’s oldest neighborhoods. Inside is a laid back, speak-easy type of bar that attracts some of the city’s cooler residents.

It’s gay-friendly, has a smoking and non-smoking section, and offers very affordable prices. There are many regulars that love to come here, but don’t let that intimidate you. The crowd is very welcoming and open.

Hours: 6pm – 2am


Bassiani is the biggest club in the city, known for bringing in world-renown techno DJs. It’s the pinnacle of Tbilisi’s nightlife scene and Georgians rally around it as a cultural institution. To them, Bassiani represents tolerance and freedom of expression (in terms of sexuality and drug use).

The space upstairs hosts Horoom Gay Nights. Check their website for dates. You’ll have to pre-register as well. Horoom Nights are a safe space to dance, meet, and even hook up with other gays people.

Hours: Check website for events. Usually only open on weekends.

Café Gallery

For a smaller club experience, head to Café Gallery. It’s quiet café during the day that transforms into a pumping club at night. It has a house party vibe and is one of the safest spaces for people of the LGBTQ community to hang out, drink, and be free. People mingle easily here so this is one of the better spots to get to know new people.

Hours: 9am – 3am Sunday – Thursday; 9am – 8am Friday – Saturday


KHIDI is another large nightclub in Tbilisi with a very progressive crowd. It’s located under a Soviet-era bridge and also hosts techno DJs. Locals and travelers alike love to gather here.

KHIDI also host a monthly Kiki Queer Night that is massively popular. You have to register ahead of time so check out there website here.

Hours: midnight – 9am Friday & Saturday

Best Gay Bars in Tbilisi Georgia