The Best Georgian Wines Every Wine Lover Should Try

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Georgia has been blessed with a perfect climate and geography that enabled people living here to cultivate some of the best types of grapes. Many people that appreciate a good wine are not aware that Georgia is a goldmine when it comes to wines. Wine has been made on the territory of this country since ancient times, this activity still being highly appreciated by locals even today. Best Georgian wines appeared in tops throughout the world, as wine connoisseurs appreciated the exciting tastes and flavors the wines from Georgia are bringing to the market. It is true that the wine production in Georgia is rather small, in comparison with the large producers, like France or Italy, but it holds a great potential that is worth exploring in this domain.

Georgian wine glass
A glass of red Georgian wine for dinner

You should definitely some of the best Georgian wines, because you will feel more than surprised by its taste. The white assortments are fruity and fresh. If they are prepared as amber wines, you will find a richer and fuller body. The red wines tend to be sweeter, because cooler temperatures during fermentation will not allow the entire sugar in grapes to turn into alcohol. All these wines have the same taste as they did centuries ago, their making still respecting ancient wine making methods that makes them unique. Some of the most prized (International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2016), best Georgian wines nowadays are:

Ilerco, a wine released in 2012, by the Shumi company
Shumi is a wine company from Georgia who managed to win the trophy in 2016, at the International Wine Challenge, with Ilerco 2012, a red dry wine, made out of native Saperavi grapes;

vinyeard kakheti
Sunset over green vines in Kakheti, Georgia


Ilerco, a wine released in 2012, by the Shumi company
The same wine that won the trophy also won the gold medal as well. It seems that Shumi managed to hit the jackpot last year with its Ilerco 2012 wine.
Kindzmarauli, a wine released in 2013 by the Teliani Valley company
This is a semi-sweet wine, made out of an indigenous variety of Saperavi, with a flavor that resembles wild berries, rose petals, and plums.
Rkatsiteli Qvevri Glekhuri, a wine released in 2012 by the Teliani Valley company
It is a beautiful white wine with a gold color, with rich tannins due to the use of grape skins, and a savory taste. The wine will surprise you with its honey aroma and lightly mineralized style.
Saperavi Unfiltered a wine made in the Kakhetian Style, released in 2014, by

Schuchmann Wines, Saperavi
Schuchmann Wines, Saperavi. Source:

Schuchmann Wines under the Vinoterra brand
This wine is still made in the same manner as it was made 8,000 years ago. It has an unmistakable flavor of ripe cherries, black currants, and discreet coffee-like notes. Mukuzani, a wine released in 2013 by the Marani company
With a deep red color, this wine will be a complete surprise. Black cherries and dark chocolate and discreet flavors of vanilla and spices can all be found in this amazing wine.
Saperavi, a wine released in 2013 by the Marani company under the Kondoli Vineyards brand
It is a beautiful red wine that has flavors of plums, delicious prunes, and a rich taste of blackberry fruits. It is more than perfect for accompanying dishes that contain meat.
Mukuzani, a wine released in 2014 by the Shumi company
If you love a wine with a bold flavor, this is the wine you have to try. It may feel a bit bitter at first, but the aftertaste is simply charming.
Château Mukhrani, a wine released in 2014 by Marks & Spencer under the Rkatsiteli brand
White wine made out of Rkatsiteli genuine grapes with an exquisite flavor of melon and honeysuckle, and beautiful peach-like and ginger aromas.