If you are a foodie and you love experiencing all sorts of restaurants when traveling, Batumi will satisfy this craving easily. There are many restaurants in Batumi, so it won’t be hard to find a place where you can quench your hunger. But, in the following lines we are not going to talk about any type of restaurant. This is a list of the fanciest restaurants in Batumi, just in case you want to feel spoiled with a fine dish.

golden palace restaurant
Golden Palace restaurant
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Must-visit restaurants in Batumi

Golden Palace Restaurant

When you say Golden Palace, you also say elegance and modernity. Everything about this restaurant is modern, from its décor, to its dishes and serving manner. If you decide to pay this place a visit, you will l have the opportunity to choose dishes belonging to the Georgian and Turkish cuisines, but also a wide array of European cuisine recipes. And because every meal deserves an appropriate drink, everything your heart desires can be found in this restaurant, including the rather elusive Guinness beer.

Marco Polo

A dining experience at this restaurant will take you back to the days when Marco Polo lived, with the help of vintage and romantic décor, which resembles very much with the interior of a large ship. But not just the surroundings are worth checking out at this restaurant, but also the incredible dishes you can find here. The European cuisine is the star of this place, with dishes that will definitely surprise your senses. Also, it is worth mentioning that this is an entirely non-smoking restaurant, probably the only of this kind in the entire country.

marco polo batumi restaurant
Marco Polo
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Heart of Batumi

The no.1 restaurant ranked on Trip Advisor, the Heart of Batumi restaurant can really make you feel the nature and atmosphere of this city, through traditional dishes that have an international twist as well. When dining here, you will feel like being part of a very large family, and not actually visiting a restaurant, due to the warm attitude of the staff members.

Clouds Bar and Restaurant

Would you like a top notch dining experience? This restaurant has what it takes to give you exactly that. The dishes here range from all over Europe, so you will have from where to choose when it comes to satisfying your personal cravings for fine food. And, the views here are simply breathtaking, just what you need to never forget what you experienced.

peilon restaurant batumi
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FanFan is also a café, not just a restaurant, so if you like a place that can provide everything you need, this is the restaurant you have to visit. The atmosphere here is very warm and private, allowing you to unwind and relax while enjoying your food and a glass of something. It is a great place to visit regardless of the time of day, because the restaurant is welcoming no matter when you decide to pay it a visit.


Pelion is one of the restaurants available at Hilton Batumi, an incredible dining location if you always look for the highest standards. Feel free to taste any of the traditional Georgian dishes that are served here by paying attention to the smallest detail or one of the international dishes that are also available on the menu. Whatever your choice will be, most certainly you won’t be disappointed.

veronica restaurant sheraton batumi
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Veronica is the kind of restaurant that makes you feel welcome and comfortable, just like when you are enjoying dinner in the living room of one of your friends. The food here is incredible, regardless if you opt for a Georgian recipe or an international one, but it is the atmosphere as well that makes this place so appreciated by everyone.