Borjomi Water – Georgia’s Volcanic Healing Spring

Boosts your metabolism. Detoxifying. Balances your pH levels. Cures hangovers! Wow! Get all these wonderful health benefits by drinking Borjomi Water, an iconic brand of mineral water found in Georgia that comes straight from springs of the Greater Caucasus.

When you visit Georgia, you will undoubtedly see these distinctive glass bottles in all the restaurants and grocery stores. But did you know that you can taste the water right from the source just like Georgia’s ancestors did over 1000 years ago?


Borjomi Spring’s Origins

The bottled water comes from underground volcanic springs that are over 1500 years old and rises to the surface by natural carbon dioxide pressure. What makes Borjomi Water different from other bubbly varieties is that the water does not cool down before it reaches the surface. Instead, it comes out warm. As it ascends, over 60 minerals found in the rock layers of the Caucasus Mountains enrich the water. This is what gives it that notable saline taste.

Discovery of the Springs

Early inhabitants discovered these springs over 1000 years ago. Archeologists found clay pipes and large stone tubs dating back to the 7th century, suggesting that they used the spring water for bathing purposes.

For many years after that, the springs were abandoned while Georgia warred with neighboring powers. The Borjomi Valley depopulated and the springs were forgotten.

Borjomi Mineral Water

However, in 1829 the Imperialist Russian Army rediscovered the wells during the Russian occupation of Georgia. Colonel Pavel Popov, who suffered from stomach disease, ordered that the water be brought to the military base. After drinking it, he noticed positive results and so the tale of Borjomi Water’s health benefits was born.

The health effects became famous. So much so that the Viceroy of the Russian Czar brought his sick daughter to the springs for treatment. Because of her swift recovery, the first 2 springs were named after him and his daughter: Yevgeniyevsky and Yekaterininsky.

The Borjomi Springs soon became a fascination of the Romanov family. They built a bottling factory in 1894 and by 1913 they were selling over 9 million bottles a year.

The water was widely distributed throughout the Soviet Union while Georgia was a member of the USSR. It was even a favorite drink of Joseph Stalin. Today, Georgia exports Borjomi Water to over 40 countries. They even patented the famous blue-green tint of the glass bottles, calling it “Georgian Green.”

Borjomi as a Health Resort Town

Visitors flock to Borjomi from around the world to bask in nature, breathe in the fresh air, and be healed by the therapeutic spring water. The town boomed as a health resort and was one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Soviet Union. Today, you can visit the blue-domed Mineral Water Park (built in 1850) to taste Borjomi water straight from the source. Or head to the Borjomi Museum of Local Lore to read documents confirming the water’s restorative properties.

Borjomi Mineral Spring Water
Mineral Water Park, Borjomi
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