The Bridge of Peace

Tbilisi Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace is one of the most spectacular recent constructions in Tbilisi. This 150-meter-long arched pedestrian bridge stretches over the Kura River connecting Old Town to Rike Park. It was built in collaboration by a group of Georgian and Italian builders and opened in May 2010.

The materials used for this bridge are mostly glass and steel, along with about 48,000 LED lamps. The bridge is programmed with 4 different lighting displays that run from 90 minutes before sunset to 90 minutes after sunrise, creating a magical view at night. The lights pulsate in morse code, revealing the chemical elements that make up the human body (calcium, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus). It was French lighting designer, Philippe Martinaud’s, way of communicating “life and peace between people.”

Tbilisi Bridge of Peace
The Bridge of Peace illuminated at night

The Bridge of Peace is highly symbolic because it connects the old part of Tbilisi with the new. It allows for people to seamlessly travel between the two. Catch an amazing view of the bridge from the Tbilisi Cable Car.

The bridge is not without controversy though. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili commissioned this project to attract foreign investments. His goal was to distance the country from its Soviet past. However, many locals oppose this modernist piece dominating the 19th century aesthetic of Old Town.


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