Moving to Tbilisi? Buying property in Tbilisi is not a difficult task if you know where you want to live. Residential real estate market has never been hotter here although foreigners often find it difficult to choose the right neighborhood.

The first thing you should decide when looking for residential property in Tbilisi is what type of building you want to live in. While there are too many developers offering new buildings in the best locations, you might want to consider old buildings as well. They are already in a suitable condition for living but they often need to be renovated which would need more investments – you might pay USD 500 per square meter for a luxury renovation.

Traditional Georgian houses old Tbilisi
Traditional Georgian houses in old Tbilisi

On the other hand, complexes of new buildings are already equipped with modern facilities. They might have additional advantages over traditional buildings like their own parks, coffee shops, comfortable parking areas, modern elevators etc.

All Tbilisi districts are equally safe so the most important things you should consider when choosing a neighborhood are infrastructure and livability. Air pollution levels in some districts of Tbilisi are quite high so checking an ecological situation would be a good idea as well.

According to Colliers’ research on residential market, in 2017, the largest number of units were sold in Saburtalo. It is the busiest and the most crowded district of the capital city (one of the most polluted too). Its popularity can be explained by a large number of offices and institutes located in the area. Besides Saburtalo, a lot of transactions were recorded in Didi Dighomi, Isani, Samgori and Gldani which are not the most attractive places for living considering the fact that they belong to the suburbs. That being said, living in the suburbs has its advantages too.

axis towers tbilisi
Axis Towers in Tbilisi

If you are looking for the most luxurious and expensive places to live think the central part of Tbilisi – from Mtatsminda through Vera and Vake districts. The main street of the city, Rustaveli Avenue is easy to reach from these neighborhoods. Despite this fact, you will get less city noise, polished streets and the best shops/boutiques available in Tbilisi.

If you wish to feel the authentic feel of Tbilisi you should probably go to the old city. It does not boast of new premium class apartments. On the contrary, this district is famous of old buildings that have a history. It’s also well-known for noisy bars and pubs that are always crowded with foreign tourists so if coziness is your first priority you might want to consider other options.

villa tskneti tbilisi
Villa in Tskneti

Those would be Krtsanisi and Dighomi districts. It’s easier to find a private house with a small yard and enjoy fresher air in these neighborhoods. Krtsanisi should be your first choice if you want to be only 2-3 km far from the city’s center. If you don’t mind to drive around thirty minutes to the office every morning, you should definitely consider small towns near Tbilisi like Tsavkisi or Tskneti. While they don’t have the best infrastructure in the world, you could have a small villa with a garden and a swimming pool as well as magnificent views of the capital city.

When making this kind of investment, the price always plays a big role. If you are on a budget and still considering to buy residential property in Tbilisi, you should probably avoid Mtatsminda district, which is the most expensive one – USD 1096 per sq m for new flats and USD 837 per sq m for old ones. Vake and Saburtalo are more affordable – buying an apartment would cost more than USD 700 per sq m in these areas. If your first priority is saving money consider Gldani, Didi Dighomi, Samgori and Nadzaladevi which are the cheapest neighborhoods of the capital of Georgia.