A good cup of coffee is the guilty pleasure of so many of us. But how about if you could enjoy your cup of a coffee in a surrounding that will take you back in time, allowing you to make an idea how everything looked decades ago? You have this chance if you’re visiting Tbilisi, as there are a few places that will serve you incredible cups of coffee, while making you feel as being part of the town’s history. Here is the list of the best cafés in Tbilisi that will take you back in time.


While there are quite a few vintage restaurants to enjoy around Tbilisi, Linville is among the most preferred ones in town. This is due to the fact that location is quite central, more precisely in the Liberty Square, and because the prices are rather accessible. So, if you walk in this square, do look for the restaurant, as it is not very hard to find. It red and blue entrance will definitely capture your attention and the beautiful atmosphere inside the restaurant will charm you from the moment you walk inside. And yes, this is not just a place for enjoying coffee. You can easily serve dinner here, while enjoy a good glass of wine, and beautiful live piano music, which is loud enough to allow you to have a pleasant conversation with your friends.

Linville cafe
Source: Linville Facebook


Are you visiting Tbilisi with your fiancée, spouse, or romantic partner? Then you definitely need to visit Purpur, a small and elegant restaurant in the city. Purpur is one of the best cafés in Tbilisi. Here, you will enjoy a romantic and vintage atmosphere, due to the amazing interior decorations and the obvious appreciation for vintage items. Where to locate this charming restaurant? You will find it in the old center of Tbilisi, in the Gudiashvili square, which is another great place to visit, due to the fact that it contains pieces of Georgian, Classicist, and Oriental architecture. In the menu of the restaurant, you will find many European dishes to enjoy and it is worth noting that a few days a week the restaurant hosts live Jazz concerts.

Purpur cafe
Source: Purpur Gudiashvili Garden Facebook

Le Toit

You definitely need to visit this charming café. The interior is simply striking, the owners declaring that it took them over a year to collect all the items that are displayed inside. But, there is more to this coffee shop than just its interior. The place serves a wide variety of coffee, which comes from all corners of the world, so if you are a declared coffee fan, you need to visit this place. The staff members are very friendly and they all know how to speak English fluently, so you won’t have any troubles communicating with them. Le Toit is more than perfect if you love a cozy place where you can chat and enjoy great coffee. We should also mention that you can enjoy gorgeous views over Tbilisi from the café’s balcony.

Café le toit
Café le toit
Source: Café le toit Facebook

Anti-café “Corner”

There are so many cafés in Tbilisi but none of them is as unusual as Anti-café Corner. This is definitely a place that you will never find anywhere else. Here, instead of paying for what you consume, you are paying for the time spent at the location. Yes, you pay the time, and you get everything you want from the menu. The first hour costs the most, but it is not expensive at all, while the second hour costs less, and after four hours spend in the café, everything is free. You don’t know how you’re going to kill time at the café? Well, do know that you can enjoy books, board games, and even the possibility to work here, so spending time at this location will not be a problem.

Anticafe "Corner" cafe
Anticafe “Corner”
Source: Anticafe “Corner” Facebook