Visiting Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, doesn’t mean just to enjoy amazing views, great city life, and amazing culture, but also great food. A great day cannot start without an adequate breakfast, so make sure not to skip this very important meal of the day. If you are wondering where you can serve breakfast in Tbilisi, here is a list of places that will give you the chance to taste some of the tastiest breakfasts in the city.

Eating breakfast in Tbilisi – the best places:


Even if you are in Georgia, you will be able to enjoy a breakfast just like in France, as the chefs and bakers that work at Entrée are all trained by French experts, so they can offer a high-quality experience for anyone that chooses to serve breakfast here. Choose among the wide range of croissants, tarts, and other confectioneries that can be found in a true French patisserie, and savor them with coffee or tea. But, if you are in the mood for a salad, soup, hot pastries, baguettes, or wraps, feel free to go for it. Still, if you are looking to enjoy breakfast, it is worth noting that it will be available in the menu from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. only.

Entrée breakfast omelette croissant
Breakfast at Entrée
Source: Entrée Facebook


If we presented previously the opportunity of serving a French-style breakfast, now you are about to find out that at Brotmeister, you will have the chance to enjoy Austrian bakery products for your breakfast in Tbilisi. With the help of Austrian technology, this relatively new brand in Tbilisi will provide 30 types of baked products and confectioneries prepared in an European manner. So, if a cup of coffee and these sorts of products represent your ideal breakfast, this is the place to visit.

Brotmeister breakfast bakery
Breakfast at Brotmeister
Source: Brotmeister Facebook

Double B Tbilisi

In case you are wondering where you can enjoy one of the best coffees in town, you need to visit this particular coffee shop. Even the pickiest when it comes to the quality of their cup of coffee should visit Double B Tbilisi, because most certainly they will be surprised by the coffee served there. Well-trained and educated baristas will prepare your coffee like you haven’t tasted before and you will also have the chance to enjoy an array of small snacks and cookies together with your coffee.

Double B coffee breakfast
Source: Double B Coffee&Tea Facebook

Prospero’s Books & Caliban’s Coffee

A cup of coffee can be easily paired with a good book, and if this is your opinion as well, make sure to visit this bookshop and café. You can find anything from classic Georgian literature, to cooking books, and even maps of Tbilisi and Georgia. Besides coffee, you can also serve tea, juices, cakes, and delicious omelets and sandwiches. So you have more than one reason to visit this particular coffee shop. In the winter, you will be warmed up by the cozy fireplace, and in the summer, you will be able to bask in the sun on the terrace.

Prospero's Books & Caliban's Coffee Shop tbilisi
Prospero’s Books & Caliban’s Coffee Shop


Paul is a bakery and café that comes from France, being part of a chain that is already established in the country of the Tour Eiffel. So, as you can imagine, the goodies in this café will be part of the French cuisine, crepes, macaroons, sandwiches, and pastries, they are all in the menu, plus many more. Besides coffee, the place also sells wine and beer, so it is a location suitable for lunch as well, and not just for breakfast.

paul tbilisi bakery
Source: Paul Georgia Facebook