G. Vino Wine Bar

Stop by this top-notch wine bar in Tbilisi – only a 2-minute walk from the Bridge of Peace. This place is legendary in Tbilisi and wine lovers, as well as gourmands, will not be disappointed. With a cozy tavern feel, g. Vino Wine Bar is a great place to socialize, eat tapas, and sample from their collection of local Georgian wines.

Even though g.Vino Wine Bar knows their stuff, it still presents a relaxed atmosphere without any of the typical wine snobbery. The focus here is primarily natural and amber wine which is the heart and soul of Georgia. You’ll find a large selection of brands, especially from smaller wineries you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. None of the wines here exceed 1000 bottles per batch. For this reason, stock does run out rather quickly so it’s best just to show up and be spontaneous.

You’ll also find croquettes, grilled vegetables, and an amazing selection of Georgian cheeses that they source from small villages. Need we say more?!


Hours: 6pm – midnight Monday – Friday; noon – midnight Saturday – Sunday