Esquire, an American men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine has named Georgian wine among the world’s ten best natural wines that are under $40.

Being named among the top ten, among very famous global brands, is a great honor, especially when it’s been recognized by such an influential and tasteful magazine.

Pheasant’s Tears Tavkveri 2013 wine
Pheasant’s Tears Tavkveri 2013

Esquire named the 2013 Pheasant’s Tears Tavkveri ($22) among the world’s natural, unfiltered ten best wines.

“A light, bright, and floral red, this tavkveri is made in clay vessels lined with beeswax and completely buried under the earth to coolly ferment”, – says description of Tavkveri, which was made in Kartli, Georgia.

Besides the Georgian wine, the list also includes wines from France, Spain, Austria, Australia, Italy, and the U.S.

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