Kartlis Deda Statue – Mother of Georgia

Kartlis Deda is a 20 meters (65 feet) aluminum statue that overlooks the Mtkravri River. It was originally designed by Elguja Amashukeli and erected in 1958, the year Tbilisi celebrated its1500th anniversary.

Also known as the “Mother of Georgia,” this statue is an important icon to Georgians. In one hand she holds a glass of wine, a symbol of Georgia’s friendly hospitality and welcoming nature. In the other hand, she holds a sword, symbolizing resolute strength against anyone who tries to infringe on their liberty.

Kartlis Deda Mother of Georgia Statue

The Kartlis Deda statue is not only the “Mother of Georgia,” she is the spirit of every Georgian and a representation of Tbilisi’s history. This interplay between warm generosity and unwavering power has followed Georgia throughout its millennia of tumultuous ups and downs. Through it all, they have always persevered.

She sits atop Sololaki Hill peering down at Tbilisi below, protecting her. You can visit the statue by riding the cable car up from Rike Park. It’s to the right of the cable car exit. To the left, you can also visit Narikala Fortress.