Tbilisi’s best clubs you need to visit – Nightlife in Tbilisi

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Nightlife in Tbilisi:  a list with some of the most iconic clubs in the city

Even though Tbilisi is a great city to visit, due to the rich history and culture of this area, this doesn’t mean that you cannot come here to have fun. The nightlife in Tbilisi is very much alive, various night clubs being available throughout the city, as a response to the need of the young generation for entertainment. Eastern Europe is known for the amazing parties, clubs, and music festivals that gather incredible numbers of people from around the world, and Tbilisi, Georgia, is not making an exception from this rule. So, if you enjoy traveling but you want to reach a place where clubbing is available and respects the latest trends, you need to come to Tbilisi.
The electronic music scene is quickly developing in Tbilisi, making this city one of the most recent sought after destinations for young people in search for new experiences. If you are wondering about Tbilisi’s best clubs to check out while in the city here is the list with some of the most iconic in the city.


When we talk about the nightlife in Tbilisi, Bassiani is the first that comes to mind. It is a relatively young club, being opened in 2014. It is considered quite an act of courage to open and own a club here, having in mind the background that did not totally shed the prejudices created by the Soviet Union. But, this club can be a real rival to many well-known European clubs, as its owners did a thorough research and are constantly depositing efforts and resources for creating and maintaining a safe and exciting place where young people can have fun.

Tbilisi Georgia bassiani club
Source: Bassiani Facebook Page


You can’t list Tbilisi’s top clubs and forget about Khidi. Khidi is another club that will surprise you, even though it was just opened last fall. It is a spacious venue where electronic music is at home and where event happens all the time and special guests are always present. This young club is quite competitive on this newly emerged market in Tbilisi and may have exactly what you are looking for.

Tbilisi Georgia Khidi club
Source: Khidi Facebook Page


Another amazing club that managed to win the Best Venue award in Georgia at just two months from its official opening. DJs mix house and techno music all night long, the atmosphere and interior of this club is exactly like in any other great club around Europe. You may have to take a cab to reach it, as it is not in the downtown area of Tbilisi, but it is worth the effort.

Tbilisi Mtkvarze club
Source: Mtkvarze Facebook page

Vitamin Cubes

A great club with three different floors, each of them is having access to fresh air and with the possibility of being rented. So, whether you are looking for a place to party or a place to throw a party in summer, this club will give you both possibilities to choose from. The location by the lake is quite charming as well, especially when the sun is rising.

vitamin cubes club tbilisi
Vitamin Cubes
Source: Vitamin Cubes Facebook page

Art-Café Home

Art-Cafe Home makes the nightlife in Tbilisi so diverse. You will love visiting this place, which looks more like someone’s home rather than a public space. There are various rooms to choose from, each of them having its own style and atmosphere, so you can choose the one that vibrates best with your mood. What about partying here? On Friday and Saturday this rather peaceful café turns into a club filled with people that wish to dance and enjoy their time.

art-cafe home tbilisi club
Art-Cafe HOME
Source: Art-Cafe HOME Facebook page