Tbilisi Nightlife 2021 – Best Clubs For Dancing until Dawn

Tbilisi is making a name for itself as a nightlife and techno destination. While most bars close at 2am, there are a handful of clubs that keep the party going long past sunrise.

In Tbilisi, clubs are only open on the weekends. They don’t always have strict hours (or prices), and the bouncers operate based on “face control,” meaning they will turn you away if they don’t like something about the way you look. This might seem a bit harsh but they’re mostly looking for troublemakers – people underage or who appear too drunk or aggressive. Avoid entering clubs in big groups and don’t act “too happy.” There’s a variety of niches within the nightlife scene so let’s get to the list of best nightclubs in Tbilisi!


This is a must-visit for anyone looking to take part in Tbilisi nightlife. Beneath the Dinamo Stadium, in a vast, dark, smoke-filled abandoned swimming arena, is Bassiani – the biggest nightclub in Georgia. It is open only 1 night a week and is packed to its 1200 person capacity every time.

Bassiani has put Tbilisi and Georgia on the map, attracting techno lovers from all corners of the world. It can hold its own against the best of London or Berlin, bringing in top talent from across Europe.

Bassiani is a beacon of forward-thinking liberalism amidst an overall conservative society. It’s a political statement as much as an entertainment venue. Here, tolerance and openness are preached on a nightly basis especially as it relates to sexuality and drug use. As a side note, cannabis is still illegal in Georgia and they have pretty draconian drug laws.

Info: There are no written hours or prices. Visit their website to register. It’s much cheaper than paying at the door.

Door Policy: Generally a relaxed door policy. They let most people in, but occasionally turn some away for no reason. It’s best to go in a small, gender-balanced group.


Horoom is actually located just upstairs from Bassiani. Here they host special queer night parties. But it’s much more than that. It’s a social revolution. You have to register ahead of time and provide your Facebook profile and passport information. This is all to create a safe space. After all, Georgia is a small conservative country with 90% of the population opposed to homosexuality.

If you get the acceptance email, you will be invited to Horoom’s exclusive club. It features an exultant dance floor, perhaps a drag show or BDSM performance, and the infamous “dark rooms” where people can have sex. The dark rooms are just a small part of Horoom’s identity, but it’s important in a society where most young adults live with their parents. These are safe spaces for freedom and privacy.

Door Policy: You need to pre-register online. You won’t be able to get in at the door unless you know someone.

Art-Café Home

Spread over 3 floors, including a rooftop bar with an amazing view of Narikala Fortress, this is an ideal place to warm up for the night. The vibe at Art Café Home is very chill. You’re sure to find a comfortable corner to hang with friends. They have large regal sofas, good music, and plenty of wine and cocktails.

Hours: 5pm – 2am Thursday – Saturday


Khidi means “bridge” and it just so happens that’s where you’ll find this club – under the Soviet-era Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge. It’s a new-ish club that’s already making a name for itself, hosting 1000 people a night. Khidi has state of the art sound equipment, 2 stages, and amazing techno and house DJs. They strive to create a very inclusive atmosphere for all races, genders, and sexualities.

Hours: midnight – 9am Friday & Saturday

Door Policy: Mostly just trying to weed out people who will cause trouble or intimidate their guests. KHIDI works hard to protect its inclusive reputation.

Café Gallery

Café Gallery is just a quiet cafe, hosting meetups and coffee breaks during the day. But on weekends this cozy, rustic interior transforms into an EDM club. It’s not a huge space, fits less than 200 people. But there is an outdoor area as well.

Café Gallery is one of the safest places for the LGBTQ crowd and it’s a great stop for those that want a more intimate dance floor experience. People are friendly and mingle easily. Prices are reasonable.

Hours: 9am – 3am Sunday – Thursday; 9am – 8am Friday & Saturday

Door Policy: Pretty much everyone gets in.


Tivi is located on an anchored boat in the Mkvari River. You can dance the night away with an incredible view of Old Town behind you. While there’s a DJ and a dance floor though, the atmosphere is very laid back. Bartenders are friendly, delicious food is served, and if you need to rest your weary feet there are comfy hammocks all around.

Hours: 9pm – 6am Thursday – Sunday

Backstage 76

This is not so much a club as a hybrid of a concert venue, a bar, a restaurant, and an exhibition space. Backstage 76 is located in Vake Park and has 2 stages, one indoors and one outdoors. They host all sorts of performances from jazz to electronic DJs to rock to stand up comedy to video projections. Check out Backstage 76’s Facebook page for upcoming events.

Also of note are the delicious (and cheap!) tapas that are inspired by the flavors of Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Italy.

Hours: 5pm – late; closed Mondays


A 1950s fish restaurant transformed into a nightclub, Mtkvarze brands itself as a “dance community club.” The venue is relatively small but there are 2 rooms. The larger plays techno and house music, while the smaller room plays more variety. Before Bassiano opened, Mtkvarze was considered to have the best sound system in Tbilisi.

Hours: 11pm – 11am Friday & Saturday

Door Policy: Relatively relaxed. Just don’t look like a troublemaker.

Magti Club

This is not so much of a nightclub as it is an underground cellar club with amazing live music. Everything from jazz to blues to experimental. Magti Club is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, sip on drinks, and enjoy nice music.

Hours: 7pm – 1am

Common Bar Scam in Tbilisi

In addition to the regular precautions you should take during a night out, be very wary of girls coming up to you asking you to buy them a drink. They will suggest that you go to a specific nightclub where they’ll proceed to order tons of drinks. You’ll be slapped with the exorbitant bill and forced to pay since these are large organized operations. The bouncers are big!!

Also be careful on Tinder. Sometimes girls approach guys on there for the same scam.

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