Aerial view of Batumi

Batumi is a gorgeous Georgian city located right on the shores of the Black Sea, being also a sea resort and vacation destination for many Georgians and tourists coming from abroad. The history of this city started a very long time ago, when it was a colony of the ancient Greece. Slowly, in time, it became a Roman port and it was a reason of conflict between Georgian Kings and Ottoman invaders as well. Today, Batumi is the main port of the country and a preferred seaside destination for tourists and locals who wish to enjoy a pleasant vacation. So, as you may have guessed, summer is the best time to visit Batumi, if you are looking to spend some time on the shoreline. That being said, we can recall some good reasons why it’s always a good time to visit this beautiful city.

Reasons why it’s always a good time to visit Batumi:

You can enjoy long walks on the boulevard

The Seaside Park is the one that locals call the Boulevard, being their preferred location to enjoy long and relaxing walks. Having a length of 7 km, it is more than generous if you want to walk continuously and enjoy the views. You will find this park of the north-western part of the coast in Batumi, being great for spending time in the outdoors both during the day and after sunset. It is hard to believe that in the 19th century, this gorgeous park wasn’t more than a big pile of waste. It was practically impossible to enjoy the seaside in this part of the city. But, due to the efforts of the local people, the area became one of the most splendid parts of Batumi.

Seaside promenade in Batumi, Georgia.

You might fall in love with the Botanical Garden

If you visit Batumi and love stroll out in nature, you will definitely fall in love with the Botanical Garden of Batumi. For as long as you will walk on its paths, it will be like walking through paradise. A vast piece of land, approximately 110 hectares, entirely dedicated to the garden, contains an impressive collection of rare and interesting plants. From the total number of more than 2000 species of trees, only 104 grow in the Caucasus, the rest of the species being brought from all over the world. Even subtropical plants can be found here, with the exception of trees, which are all very well taken care of so that you, the visitor, can enjoy their natural beauty each time you visit the garden.

Sea View in the Botanical Garden. Batumi, Georgia.

Just because it is a very romantic place

Believe it or not, Batumi is the best place to visit together with your better half, because it is a very romantic city. It has numerous monuments dedicated to love, like “Ali and Nino”, “First Love” and the “First Kiss”, which are artworks that represent the purest idea of love. Also, the city offers some of the most beautiful sunsets, especially due to its location near the seaside.

Batumi sculpture first love
Sculpture “First Love” by Irakli Tsuladze, Batumi

You can try delicious food you are not going to forget

Every gourmand should visit Batumi at least once. The food you will find here will definitely leave you mouthwatering. Make sure you try Adjarian Khachapuri, a famous dish in which dough is shaped in form of a boat and topped with butter and raw egg to be served together. This is a specific dish for the Adjara region, which is located along the seaside, so that makes it obvious why the dish is presented in such a manner.

khachapuri wine soup
Traditional dish of georgian cuisine, khachapuri, a soup, a glass of wine