Tbilisi Aerial Tramway – Cable Car

Tbilisi Cable Car

The Tbilisi Aerial Tramway Cable Car opened in 2012 and is a fast, easy way to get an incredible view of the city. It takes you up across the Mtkvari River, connecting Rike Park, which was once a resting stop for camel caravans from Persia, with Narikala Fortress. Also of note at the top of the cable car is the Kartlis Deda statue to the right.

The cable car a bit touristy but offers amazing panoramic views of the city below. It has glass floors and only 8 seats so you’ll be able to see in all directions with Old Town on one side and the Bridge of Peace on the other.

Tbilisi Cable Car - Narikala Fortress
View of Narikala Fortress with St. Nicholas Church at sunset, Tbilisi

You will need a Metromoney Card to ride – sold for 2.5 GEL ($0.80) at metro station ticket offices. You can get that money back if you return the card within 1 month. Metro cards are also good in Tbilisi for the metro system, buses, and marshrutkas (minivans).

Lines can get a bit long in the summer months but does move quickly since the ride is short (like 2 minutes short).

Cost: 2.5 GEL ($0.80). Plus the cost of a metro card if you don’t already have one.

Hours: 12pm – midnight


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