Tbilisi does not have a reputation of an utterly romantic city. While it does not carry a romantic vibe like Paris does, this ancient city can offer endless romantic options, from experiencing amazing views, to wandering through the old streets and enjoying unforgettable flavor of Georgian wine. You still might have doubts if Tbilisi can be a perfect setting for a love story. This is why we picked these unique ideas to help you to create a romantic mood and impress your other half if you are going to spend Valentine’s Day in Tbilisi.

The best things to do on Valentine’s Day in Tbilisi: 

Take a walk to Leghvtakhevi

If you are in the city for a romantic getaway, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Tbilisi. One of those is avoiding the clichéd tourist traps. Forget Shardeni street and Narikala Fortress and visit Leghvtakevi – the place just behind Tbilisi’s famous sulphur baths. This charming spot with a beautiful waterfall is especially impressive at night, while beautiful light settings make it the perfect place for a romantic walk. Leghvtakhevi means “fig gorge” in Georgian, so don’t forget to go inside a small cozy café to try Georgian fig jam which is as delicious and sweet as love.


Have a glass of wine in a cozy café

For a typical valentine’s day celebration, a romantic dinner is a good choice. Instead of having a candlelight dinner, you can visit unique cafés in Old Tbilisi. There are quite a few that will enchant you with their original vibe and interior, but we would recommend Café Leila (“Leila” means “flirting” in Arabic) – a very small and a charming little place near Gabriadze theater. Its interior design will help you to travel through an oriental tale, while the rare Georgian desserts and organic wine will enhance your mood. Oh, and the ceiling here looks like a starry sky. What’s not to love?

cafe leila tbilisi
Cafe Leila
Source: www.interviewrussia.ru

Get some chocolate for your better half

While we insist that you must try traditional Georgian desserts we still have to admit that nothing can be more suitable to romantic setting than good quality chocolate. Tbilisi can’t boast of many chocolateries but you still have some options. Due to the beautiful packaging and great flavor, Coco’s Artisan Chocolate will make it a great present for your valentine. We also recommend you to try Chocolaterie Suzette’s chocolate – it is an artisanal product brand that always makes its customers happy by offering limited collections on Valentine’s day.

Chocolaterie Suzette chocolate
Chocolaterie Suzette’s chocolates
Source: Chocolaterie Suzette Facebook

Indulge yourself at a spa 

If you have decided to spoil your sweetheart, one of the best options will be visiting the best spa center in the city – that would make Valentine’s Day in Tbilisi unforgettable. Although there might be several options, we would recommend Sam Raan Spa & Wellness center which is one of the most luxurious places to indulge yourselves with a couples massage. If the weather does not seem to be nice enough to go outside and you prefer to stay in your hotel room (a good tip for bath lovers: Rooms Hotel is famous for its beautiful bathtubs), try artisanal bath bombs and natural soaps from the Georgian beauty brand Euphoria. Choose a heart shaped one for creating a romantic mood.

Sam Raan Spa
Couple at Sam Raan Spa
Source: Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Facebook

Buy a gift for your valentine

Finding the perfect gift for your valentine can be quite difficult – it would depend on personal preferences too. Fortunately, Tbilisi with its small niche boutiques is a good place for shopping so it will be easy to make happy even a hard-to-please person. If you want to get something really unique, visit More Is Love’s gorgeous showroom on Kiacheli street where you can buy exclusive pieces of clothes and accessories. Your next stop might be L’arome Boutique – a charming niche perfume shop to discover the best scents in the world. And while buying jewelry is not a very original idea, you can still find some unique pieces at Pandora at Galleria Tbilisi – there is no doubt that their beautiful charm bracelets will charm your valentine and make Valentine’s day in Tbilisi even more memorable.

Earrings More Is Love
Earrings at More Is Love
Source: Moreislove.com Facebook