Why You Need to Visit Sakartvelo

Sakartvelo is how native speakers refer to the country we know as Georgia. If you break down the name into Sak-a-rtvelo, you’ll find that “rtvelo” means “wine harvesting” in Georgian – an appropriate name given that this country is the birthplace of wine. More on that below!

So why should you visit Sakartvelo? Well, Georgia is quickly becoming an emerging location for global tourism. Sitting at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East, it’s an ancient country full of diverse history, delicious cuisines, and gorgeous scenery. Here’s just a taste of what it has to offer:

Population: 3.7 million (2018)

Surrounded By: Russia to the north, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to the south, Black Sea to the west

Capital: Tbilisi

Primary Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Official Languages: Georgian, Abkhazian; some Russian spoken

Currency: Georgian lari (GEL)

Visit Sakartvelo Georgia Food

Belly-Busting Food Scene

Visit Sakartvelo Georgia Wine

Ancient Wine culture

Visit Sakartvelo Georgia Scenery

Jaw-dropping Scenery

Sakartvelo Iberia History

Rich history

Georgian Nightlife

energized nightlife

Visit Georgia Europe

cheap, safe & friendly

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